The Castleblock™ Advantages

Peace and quiet? You Bet! A Castleblock™ home insulates acoustically, as well as thermally. A Boeing 707 thundering to a landing within 3000 feet of your home, no problem. Sound technicians peg that noise at a jarring 70 decibels. But inside your home, behind the 10-inch barrier of foam and concrete, it would be 30 times quieter -- hushed to a whisper.

Bottom line: your life can be serene, even in a tumultuous world. Whether relaxing or working at home, a jet plane, siren, or even a lawnmower shouldn’t disturb you. If you have interior Castleblock™ walls between your rooms, you may be able to combine sleep with video games or drum practice.

Bugs, they hate us. Don’t let your dream home provide a buffet for bugs. Castleblock™ does not provide any nutritional value to pests. Even in heavy termite infestation areas, Castleblock™ when used in conjunction with accepted pest prevention measures can provide you with the peace of mind that your home is safe. The inedible concrete is just not tasty to termites, insects, bacteria, or fungi. And it will not decay, rot or mildew.

Smooth sailing with our builder? Castleblock™ can be assembled into permanent formwork in a fraction of the time it takes to start other types of construction. Work is easy. Blocks weigh less than two pounds - not 35 pounds, like masonry blocks. They can be cut with a hand saw, and they fit together with interlocking teeth. Steel reinforcement can be placed inside when needed. The system helps create straight and plumb walls with perfect right angles.

Let's not go overboard. There could still be the usual spat or two with your builder - but chances are they won't be about Castleblock™. Since the block serve not only forms into which concrete is poured, but also as framing or furring and insulation, labor time can be cut as much as 30 to 50 percent.
Yes, your builder should definitely be in a good mood--just like you.

Let's not forget the environment. Non-toxic and inert, Castleblock™ is praised by environmentalist as a blessing for our earth and its resources.

Maybe best, it saves on Mother Nature's fuel energy - along with your fuel dollars - for the entire lifetime of your home.

Like giant toy building blocks

Units of Castleblock™ weigh less than two pounds each, compared to 35-pound masonry blocks. They resemble giant toy building blocks. Workers easily stack them up to form hollow walls into which concrete is poured.

The innovative difference is that the forms do not have to be removed or discarded. They remain in place for the life of the home as powerful thermal and acoustic insulation.

The insulation actually starts working immediately. By stabilizing swings in temperature and humidity, it improves the curing of the concrete so much that a Castleblock™ wall ends up with 50 percent greater compressive strength than conventionally-formed concrete.

No special equipment or tools are needed for the simple Castleblock™ construction process. The blocks can be cut with a handsaw, and are held together by a series of modular interlocking teeth. Steel reinforcement bars can be easily laid inside the blocks as they are stacked. The system helps create straight and plumb walls with perfect right angles.

The whole process moves so quickly, a single worker can lay up to 1,000 square feet of wall per day. And since Castleblock™ serves not only as concrete forming, but also as framing, furring, and insulation, overall labor time can be cut by as much as 30 to 40 percent.

Architects, Contractors, Engineers and Home Owners love the ease and flexibility of working with Castleblock™. Code approvals from ICC, IRC, IBC, ICBO, BOCA and L.A. City, as well as a variety of local and regional code approvals from across the country, make constructing beautiful, durable buildings and walls a snap.