Safety in the Storm®

Castleblock Homes offers the following homes styles in conjunction with Intel Designs. These designs are Hybrid Home and Zero-Energy Homes.

The world is seeing changing weather patterns and more severe Storm Cycles. The Castle Group would like to help provide "Safety in the Storm" for new home owners that fear loss of property due to extreme weather.

Tornado Homes These new homes will give the home owner confidence to stay in their home during severe weather and not run from the Storms.

Since these homes can survive this severe weather some insurance companies in the US will give discounts for Homeowners Insurance. In the US there is also tax credits for the homeowner, the builder and architect that build with this product.


In the UK the Zero-Energy Homes provide home owners with a greatly reduced fuel cost in an a country where fuel is almost double what it is in the US. We can provide homeowners with a U- factor as low as .011 in their new homes.

Tornado Homes

When you transfer .011 level of efficiency to a small business owner, retail store or a commercial business. The value in reduction of heating and cooling cost can create a large reduction in operating cost which is usually a large fixed cost for the business consumer. This reduced operating cost will show as an increase in profit on the bottom line.

We have noticed with this type of construction a commercial business can use ventilation from outside and not the air conditioning system because the building does not have the same heat gain. Contact the Castle Group to help you design the efficiency into you next building.