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August. 24, 2005

Unfinished Concrete Home Speaks for Itself

Simplicity - Castleblock™ consists of only two components: a block and the end piece. Compact, easy to stock bundles avoid wasting precious space and valuable inventory.

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Concrete Home Stands Up to Tornado

One home is still standing amidst the rubble: a concrete home, currently under construction in an upscale Stoughton neighborhood, built with insulating concrete forms (ICFs)

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New Tax Credits For ICF Construction

A $2000 tax credit for a contractor who builds a home that's 50% more energy efficient (in regard to annual heating and cooling energy consumption) and in which building envelope improvements account for at least 1/5 of the 50%.

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Texas, Research Center's Experts Test Building Methods' Wind Speed Resistance

If a wall will withstand a tornado, a hurricane should be a breeze. That's the short version of the research done on how well different types of construction hold up to wind.

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Try Some Green Paint ; There's a Growing Demand for Eco-Friendly Products

The smell of something new - be it a new car, fresh paint or recently installed carpet - is instantly recognizable. While the scent appeals to most people, the source is of potentially dangerous chemicals being released into the air.

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