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Castleblock™ is one of the most powerful and innovative concepts to arrive in the building materials industry in many years. Castleblock™ forms are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), they are an insulating, stay-in-place formwork that speeds construction and yields a superior finished wall. In the most basic use of concrete in construction, using Castleblock™ accomplishes in one step what normally requires numerous steps: it simultaneously acts as the forming system for placing concrete, the structural system for above and below grade walls, as superior stay-in-place insulation, sound suppression and as the substrate for exterior and interior finishing materials. The building process is simple: stack the block, lay rebar, brace the wall and pour concrete. Four-foot lifts are recommended with a 3/8" aggregate at a 6" slump. Jobs go more quickly, with less waste and lower costs. Castleblock™ forms are great for forming smooth, plumb walls. However, Castleblock™'s special design is also versatile: arches and radius walls, for example, can be designed and built with ease. The only tools required for special designs are a handsaw and tape. Stuccos, waterproofing, drywall, siding and other finishes can be applied directly to the foam surface, allowing the complete range of design options available with traditional building techniques. As for the finished structure, Castleblock™ forms combine the strength and safety of concrete walls with the high quality insulation of EPS foam, yielding buildings and homes that are safer, sounder and stronger. And just a word about the environment: Castleblock™ forms do not utilize CFCs in any step of production. Lumber use (and expense) during construction is dramatically reduced, and any lumber used for bracing can be re-used on other parts of the job. And Castleblock™ forms are non-toxic and inert. Castleblock™ forms are not only the safest choice for the environment, but also the smartest choice for builders and homeowners. In short, Castleblock™ means strength, speed and comfort